Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I recently wanted to create a motorized bicycle that you see people with from time to time. I wanted mine to have a board track inspired look though. My father had an old schwinn frame laying around his home and figured to use it as a base. I also took up welding recently and decided this would be a perfect learning opportunity (don't judge my welds). I used all salvaged parts from old bikes except for the forks. Took about a week to finish and I am fairly happy with it.


  1. this is nuts Kort, really cool. I just saw a similar vehicle here in Nuremberg in an old motorcycle museum, I'll try to find the pics. It was set up to pace the bike racers back in the day..

  2. You have done a fine bike. I love the board track look. You have a talent for building. have a look at motorbicycling.com I would like to hear what kind of a reaction you would get. Have fun, Dave
    PS: Look for Egor thats my sign on.

  3. Crazy Horse here in Rockville,Maryland U.S.A.
    Please share your build with us at www.motorbicycling.com
    Your bike is awesome nice work. I'm currently working with Worksman Cycles in New York City USA to build tribute board track racer inspired frames for those of us who love pre & post world war-I motorized bicycles!
    Check out the Worksman forum www.worksmancycles.com

  4. Congratulations, you did it well. Your welding skill would develop sooner. Just keep practicing. Thanks for sharing, good day!
    Sherman Unkefer